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As a "Trainers-Global Practitioner" you will quickly expand your reach and revenue by delivering our world-class workshops and assessments

After 20 years in business, HumaNext is launching "Trainers-Global" with the mission to elevate the status, capability, and success-ability of trainers everywhere! 

Trainers and coaches, with our Practitioner Program, can achieve more impact, influence, and income.

With our unique features, with everything done for you, you can elevate your work and do something big for yourself and your clients!

Practitioner Program 

The Best, Easiest, Lowest-Priced Way to 
Build/Grow Your Training/Coaching Practice 

'Trainers Global' - Our Mission: 

To enable trainers and coaches everywhere to elevate their work and expand their reach by delivering our world-class training and assessments, enabling themselves and their clients to  build a work-life of great possibility and prosperity.

Francois Basili
President, Trainers Global / HumaNext

Join to Elevate Your Business or 
Corporate Training Career

Become a Trainers Global Practitioner and get 7 Deliverables:

  1. Advanced facilitation materials (Heart & Mind Learning).
  2. A complete workshop(s) to deliver unlimited times.
  3. Assessments for 10 users to offer or sell for recurring revenues.
  4. Exposure and promotion in our 7000 readers newsletter.
  5. Coaching and support via email for 6 months.
  6. Discounted assessments to offer or sell for profit.  
  7. A solid training company and community behind you. 
Currently at a significantly low fee. And by selling the 10 assessments, you recoup almost all what you invested.

The 7 Deliverables of the Practitioner Program:

1- "Heart & Mind Learning": Materials, Activities, Stories, and Slides to Engage Participants + The 6 Signals 

You will get complete files to use, and recorded webinars to learn our facilitation and engagement methodology "Heart & Mind Learning" (H&ML)  that enables you to win the hearts and minds of participants.

H&ML is a methodology that turns ordinary training sessions into extraordinary learning experiences based on the principles: 
  • If you don't arouse the heart, you can't engage the mind. 
  • If you don't offer inspiration, you will waste the information. 
  • H&ML offers a battery of concepts, techniques, stories, exercises, activities, role-plays, simulations, and best practices that enable you to design and deliver more meaningful and exciting learning experiences previously thought to be unattainable. 

Use the 6 Signals to inspire and infuse energy in your sessions

You will get a great tool to use at the beginning of any session with employees or clients to inspire them with the energy and excitement of learning and doing something great.
You will get the slides and description / activities for the 6 Signals of Great Training, which are:

  1. We are the ones we have been waiting for. 
  2. We learn and lead with hearts and minds. 
  3. We will be the change we seek in the world. 
  4. We’re not the best in the world, we’re the best for the world. 
  5. We start everything believing it will be good and exciting. 
  6. We seize the day. The time is now. Let’s begin.  

2- Become Expert Practitioner in a Selected Topic:
Get a Complete Workshop to Deliver Unlimited Times and Keep All Revenues

Choose from four skill areas, each with a workshop (unlimited use) and assessment for 10 users:
  • Emotional Intelligence Practitioner (with assessment)
  • Personality Strengths Practitioner (with assessment)
  • Happiness & Well-being Practitioner (with assessment)
  • Employee Engagement Practitioner (with assessment)
The whole program is done online. See details below.

3- Ten Free Assessments for you to Offer or Sell -
Can Order More Later at Discounts for a Steady Revenue

  • With the Trainers Global Practitioner Program you get 10 included online assessment codes you can offer or sell to clients and keep all revenues. You can order more at low special prices and sell at higher prices you determine, and make significant profit. 
  • For independent trainers / coaches, the assessments can become a good source of recurring income for you, in addition to the income you get from charging for delivering the workshop unlimited number of times remotely or in-place, and keeping all the revenues. 
Our assessments add to the training workshop a dimension of self-discovery that people always love and appreciate.

4- Get Exposure / Promotion in our Newsletter to 7000 Subscribers

Thousands of professional HR and Training Directors and Leaders in the US and around the world have subscribed to our HumaNext newsletter. We will give you exposure to them with a link to your website or contacts to promote your work as a Trainers Global Practitioner, elevating your status and marketing your services at no additional cost.

5- Coaching Guidance via email from: 
Francois Basili, President, HumaNext / Trainers Global

With a solid training company and leadership like that of HumaNext behind you, you are assured of tried and tested world-class workshops and assessments, with a supportive relationship

6- Assessments at Discount to Sell and Keep all Revenues. More Products from a Solid Company

It is good to have a solid 20+ year young company behind you, offering a vast array of training workshops on today's most needed skills, including resilience and wellbeing, personality strengths,  performance breakthroughs, plus powerful assessments that people love and benefit from.

7- Supportive Company & Community with Ideas, Discounted Products, and Connections

You will be part of a growing Trainers Global Community of passionate people who to elevate their work and do something big for themselves and their organizations or clients. Members from around the world share ideas, experiences, and connections that can be valuable to all.

The 7 Benefits You Get with Every Trainers-Global Practitioner Program

1.  A complete training program
with a Leader’s Guide and Slides to deliver unlimited times virtually or in-place, set your prices and keep all revenues.  
2.  Heart & Mind Learning / Train-the Trainer Program  (Facilitation Skills and Tools) , plus the 6 Signals as a powerful session-opener.
3.  Ten online assessments you can sell and keep the full revenue. ($700 value)
4. Promoting your practice  in our newsletter sent to 7000 professionals around the world ($550)   
5. Coaching support via email for 6 months.   
6. Discounted Assessments from HumaNext for Resale at high margins for a significant profit.  
7.  Supportive Community to inspire and share and a solid company (HumaNext) behind you.   

You too can deliver our programs to leading organizations

Ging Igual, an independent trainer who got certified as a HumaNext Trainers Global Practitioner, has been successfully delivering our Emotional Intelligence training overseas since 2005 to global companies like Samsung in the Philippine.- read her note on the right. You can do the same where you are by becoming a Practitioner delivering our programs and assessments to your clients.

Since 2005, trainers have been coming from around the world to get certified to use our programs with their clients or employees. They each spent from $1500 or $3000 to do this.
Our new "Practitioner Program" is the latest, fastest, and lowest-priced way to do it today.

True to Our Mission! 

We're making it possible for trainers and coaches around the world to elevate and expand their practice for a low fee. No certification needed. No travel expenses.

In the past, people paid thousands of dollars to attend our  certification events. We simplified the process and lowered the cost with our online Trainers Global Practitioner Program
you can choose to become a practitioner in one of these areas..

Start or Grow Your Training / Coaching Practice. Choose from our Practitioner Programs for a Low Affordable Price.

All Practitioner Programs Come with the Same Elements and Benefits but with Your Selected Topic Workshop and Related Assessment
Emotional Intelligence Practitioner (Best Seller!)
As "Emotional Intelligence Practitioner" you will deliver this popular training topic with an engaging full-day or half-a-day workshop and a  powerful assessment that has been used by a US Government agency for over two years. You will help your clients or employees to grow their skills in four vital areas as designated by the father of EQ, Daniel Goleman:
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social-awareness
  • Relationship management  
You will also get 10 powerful "Emotional intelligence Behavior index"  assessments for 10 users which you may sell to your clients. You can later order more at low price and mark-up to sell for a steady revenue stream.
Employee Engagement Practitioner
Employee Engagement is one of the top challenges many organizations and leaders are facing today. After the pandemic, organizations big and small found their corporate culture broken, employees scattered and suffering from loneliness,  and leaders experiencing burn-out. Many at all level are resigning and leaving or resigning and staying.

By becoming an Employee Engagement Practitioner you will be able to offer solutions in the form of solid, research-based training  and assessment to all levels of the organization to rekindle commitment, energy, and enthusiasm.

Personality Strengths Practitioner

Get 10 Force of Personality assessments included for your employees or sell to your clients at high margins. Plus: Deliver a complete workshop to help employees or clients discover and develop personality strengths and keep all your revenues.

Personality discovery and growth is one of the most loved and wanted areas of personal growth. People will love and benefit from this unique growth-oriented tool and its training program, which you can deliver unlimited times.

Happiness and Well+being Practitioner

Happiness and Well-being is a topic that people love to learn and practice in their work-life. It is one of the most personal topics that touches peoples' hearts and help them in  more ways than work alone. 

With everything you need to deliver a half-a-day or a full day training workshop, including a Leader's Guide, and PowerPoints slides, you will also get 10 assessments people can access and do online. You may order more to sell to your clients at a high margin and secure a stead stream of recurring revenue.
Get Materials for Advanced Facilitation
Our Heart & Mind Learning Program gives you advanced facilitation models, materials, stories, activities, and more to elevate your delivery of any training workshop.
Deliver Workshops on Vital Skills
Get your choice of Practitioner area from four topics (above) including Emotional Intelligence, Happiness & Wellbeing, Positive Performance, and Force of Personality Training and Assessment.
Powerful Assessments to Sell
Each Practitioner Program comes with 10 assessments included for you to offer your employees or sell to clients and keep the revenues. You may order more at big discounts.